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New video...Some violence.
New video...Some violence.
03/01/12 17:44:50
Visit our page to view "Christ de sans coeur"
First song in 2011, "Fireworks" has been released!
First song in 2011,
01/04/11 22:48:42
Yepp, it's done: The first song in 2011 is out. And it really rocks the planet! I am currently developing a new style of alionsonny music. I call...
Happy new year 2011!
Happy new year 2011!
01/01/11 17:30:58
We wish you a happy new year 2011! Support holidays until 10.01.2011  
My Christmas Song for 2010, "Light A Candle", has been published!
My Christmas Song for 2010,
12/12/10 20:58:10
Yes, this year too there's a christmas song by me. This time it is again a genuine own composition by me. First I wanted to cover an old classic...
New Song "80's 4 Ever" has been released!
New Song
11/05/10 20:24:52
Yes, again it took a bit of time, but a new song titled "80's 4 Ever" has been released. To be exactly, it has been released yesterday allready and...
Fan Bloody Tastic !!!
Fan Bloody Tastic !!!
04/11/10 20:19:20
 ________________________________________________________________  What a mad year for Nine Lies!It seen us tour Germany for...

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